There are many creeks and streams you might visit where you can gather rocks and stones to your hearts content. But if for some reason you don't find any , that's okay.... You can go to your nearby Garden center and pick Decorative Rocks in whichever size you like. The requirements are that the stone should not be wobbly and should sit on one or more sides. Try to pick up stones which have an overall smooth surface.

It is a good idea to throughly clean the rock and allow it to dry before painting.

Tools for the trade



Wide flat brush

Thin Liner Brush

Rounded Brush

Acrylic Paint

Palette and water to rinse


Divide your stone in to three sections.

Step 2

Equal Wings and a slightly smaller head. Make the outline with the chalk. If your first attempt is not satisfactory, wipe it with a wet tissue.

Every part with black paint except for the wings. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before you go to the next step.

Step 3

Now add color to your Wings. Red or Yellow. You can use your flat brush. Paint around the edges of the wing, and if you need more than one coat, let the paint dry between applications. If you accidently paint over the black, don't panic!!!! Let it dry and then fix your mistake. Paint the spots with black. Use White for the eye and black for Antennae. Bring a personality to you bug by the expression she wears. It is totally up to you the creator.

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