Pottery painting 2

Pottery painting Method 2

Materials Required :

Ceramic powder

Earthen pot

Fevicol or glue

Fevicryl metallic colour


Procedure :

1. Take some ceramic powder and mix it with fevicol in a bowl until you get a mixture with loose consistency (like a cake batter)

2. Pat this around the pot giving it a matte finish.

3. Allow it to dry.

4. Finally paint it with fevicryl metalllic colour of your choice.

Your pot is ready. This is an easy way of decorating an earthen pot.

Method 3

Materials Required :

Earthen pot


Enamel paints

Fabric paint (Fevicryl)

Tooth brush

Procedure :

At first, colour your earthen pot with your choice of enamel paint.

Then, keep it aside for 10 minutes.

Later, take a fabric paint (contrast colour to the enamel paint) onto the bristles of the tooth brush.

Now using your fingers, sprinkle the paint from the tooth brush onto your painted pot.

After 18 minutes, blend the same fabric colour used onto the pot with a painting brush.

Now keep it for drying under the sun. It will give a cracked effect.

Your pot is now ready.

Tips :

Use light shade paints as the base colours and darker colours for sprinkling.

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