Pot Painting with Mseal

Materials Required

Mseal 1 box

A pot

Black enamel colours

Gold Colours



Some talcum powder


1. Paint the pot with black enamel colour and let it dry well.

2. Mix the two parts of mseal to make a single dough and then shape it using talcum powder to make grapes or flowers as desired.

3. Stick them on the pot...make sure you finish sticking the mseal within twenty minutes of mixing it.

4. Let it dry well. Colour it using gold colour and let it dry.

5. Finally apply a coat of varnish.

Ceramic Pot

You can also make ceramic pot painting, you'll need some extra materials like Ceramic Powder and fevicol.

All you have to do is mix the ceramic powder and fevicol make a paste of it u can make flowers and or any figures as you wish with creamic.

For the background:

*Mix Ceramic pwd and Fevicol in 3:2 Ratio like Idly batter with a tablespoon.

*Now take little mixture in a knife without lumps and press in the pot little upwards and bring it down so that u form a rose petal shape.

*Complete one row and do the next row of petals in between two petals of the first row.

*Complete the pot and let it dry for 24 hrs.

For Making the flower:

1. Mix Ceramic pwd and cornflour in the ratio 3:1 and add small pieces of cotton to make the binding strong and mix with req quantity of fevicol to make the dough.(U just take a little cotton and make it into very smal pieces before mixing the flour with fevicol..It will give u good binding and prevents to some extent from getting cracks in the work.)

2. Now take req quantity of the dough and roll it into thilakam (cone) shape and make patterns with knife, stick it in the pot.

3. Make 10 or 13 petals for the first row leaving gap in the centre for pollens.

4. Then make 10 or 13 more for next row and fix them in between two petals.

5. Let it dry and in the mean time make the pollens.

6. For the pollens make very small balls and make tails for the balls by rolling with ur fingers (like meteors).

7. Make 100 balls and let it dry.

8. Now take a ball from the dough and fix in the centre of the sunflower using fevicol and fix the dried pollens in the ball and let it dry.

9.For making the black flower take small balls and make thilakam shape and press with ur hands, make 100 of petals and let it dry for a day.

10.Take a big ball and stick it in the pot with fevicol and fix the petals row by row from outside to inside and let it dry.

11. For the leaf , take a real leaf of req size, take a big ball and make into a thilakam shape and spread across the leaf from the centre after applying little oil in the leaf so that it comes out from the leaf with impressions.

12.Now stick the leaf to ur imagination before it dries.

P.S-----Its a combination of ceramic powder, plaster of paris, corn flour and fevicol also cotton. the mixing is very important. Plaster of paris and ceramic powder are two different things. For begineers you can use Chalkpowder and fevicol mixture. Once u master than u can do in ceramic. You will need 2 cups of ceramic powder, half a cup of plaster of paris & cornflour, approx 250 gm of fevicol sh and little cotton. Please don’t use water at any cost. Once you have mixed the above. The above mixture should be wrapped in tight plastic cover. Can be kept upto 20days.

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