Instead of traditional hardware for hanging drapes, think of unique pieces to coordinate with your theme, like an oar for a nautical-inspired room. Use store-bought brackets to secure it to the wall.

You can easily get the raw mat from the art shop.Can give a boarder piping(with velvet or satin cloth) to avoid spreading the mat-strings.or simply start your brush running over them.Finally can add that piping boarder work.Use them as wall hanging.

Mat paintings of Tripura features the best handicrafts from the North-East.Even in South-Tamilnadu its done as a hobby craft.


Step 1

Paint or stencil a design onto a beach mat.Take care to sketch the outlineas it tends to creates shaky lines.OR directly can do free-hand painting.

Step 2

Using Fabric/Acrylic as a casual shade. While painting don't mont on anything,as the paint drips.

Step 3

After fininshing ,let it to dry for 2-3 days.Then can give a varnish coat for glossy look.Even it prevents the mat from termites.

Some pre-designed works

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