Many different things can serve as canvases. Most people paint on paper, while some draw on straw, I think egg shells are also wonderful to paint on. Its all about simple blending and then line drawing. Children LOVE this, and to have this round fragile object teaches them to be gentle as well as careful - yes even the rowdy ones!

Egg coloring doesn't have to be done with vinegar and little dye tablets. You can make each egg a work of art. Follow these instructions, and you won't have to crack open your 'egg-stra' special creations, either

Material required


Nail/tooth pick.

Felt pen /Sketch pens

Acrylic colours.

Step 1

Start will a raw egg and nail - genitally tap the nail/tooth pick to create a hole in the top and bottom of the egg (centered as much a possible but don't worry too much). You can then get a wire to place inside the hole and wiggle it around to break the yolk up so you then can blow into the top hole which blows the wet egg out the bottom hole. Do not wash the inside of the egg - it dries inside and actually makes a stronger egg shell - but doesn't smell (much).

Scrambled eggs for dinner anybody?? Try to make the hole as small as possible.

For a sturdier egg, it's a good idea to reinforce it by spraying it with a few coats of flat white paint. Once the white paint is dry, you can let your imaginations run wild.

Step 2

Using pens ,draw the outline as you like to embel.

Step 3

Start with a light color - Here chosen a peach for the background of the sunset and gradually chose a darker color - up to red and blended.

Step 4

You layer the one color (here is peach) and then add a second color - a small patch at a time these pens dry really quickly - and use your fingertip to blend the color. Experiment with this - the more color you lay down the more you can blend (One quick stroke wont let you blend at all). Then move onto your third and fourth color to create a beautiful sunset color

Step 5

Then used a light green for the grass (all over the bottom of the egg) and then using a darker color green for hill accents. Now this color is drastically darker but you will come in with a medium color and blend all three colors at once. These markers wet the color underneath the one on top and then you can blend them all together. Just try it and you will see.

Step 6

As you can use different fingertip for each color family,Its hard to wash these off but worth it in the end. Do wash your finger tips when all the blending is done because your fingers do get sticky from all the ink.

Step 7

Choose a dark brown for the trees and added leafs and details as you can see. The brown overtakes what ever background blended color because its darker.

Step 8

To finish off the egg and give it a loop string - Cut a small circle of felt and sew a piece of yarn through it. You can create a loop or not, and send it through the egg and tie it off. The felt piece can be glued on the bottom of the egg or not but it gives the egg a place to rest.

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